Customer Testimonials

Taught by:
"The week long course was terrific and the instructor, Cary was great."
Joe Titch
 - Bel-Tronics Communication Systems Inc.
, Sun City
, Arizona
, United States
Taught by:
"Cette formation m’a permis de consolider mes connaissances et de confirmer ma passion pour le domaine d’inspection thermographie. Je tenais alors à vous remercier pour votre contribution enrichissante. Désormais et je vous remercie également pour l’accueil particulièrement chaleureux qui m’a été accordé, mais aussi pour vos conseils, votre patience et votre professionnalisme. Cette expérience fut très enrichissante et va nécessairement m’aider à exceller tout au long de ma carrière."
Mohamed Boulghait
 - SET - Les Services Électrotechniques Inc.
, Montréal
, Québec
, Canada
Taught by:
"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help setting up our training at our facility. The training was great, the guys and myself really enjoyed the training, we all learned a lot. Cary was an outstanding instructor, one of the best I have ever had. It is really a great thing when the instructor is passionate about their craft, and Cary sets the bar high. I really am impressed with the quality I received from the Snell Group as a team and thank you again for everything. "
Greg McNair
 - Cataler North America
, Lincolnton
, NC
, United States
"Home builders are often very surprised by my thermal scan inspection results. They generally believe they've done a good job of air sealing a home, but I typically find many areas that can be improved, especially before sheet rock is installed. Armed with knowledge, I also use IR technology to detect hidden moisture problems in homes. I found the Infrared for Weatherization and Energy Audits-Online course to be very pertinent to my work as a building thermographer and HERS Rater, and would recommend it to anyone in the building energy efficiency field."
Steve Weglarz, Jr.
 - Advanced Building Analysis, LLC
, Amesbury
, MA
, United States
"The purpose of my taking the course was to audit and determine if it's content was complete enough for our engineers training in thermal imaging theory and application. It met my expectations. I feel that the web based course was well organized and presented in approximate 50 segments that included the introduction, topics, quizzes, summary and final exam. The quizzes provided feedback on wrong answers and in general it was easy to stop the sessions and restart where it was left off. The final exam covered what was taught, made certain that concepts were understood. Ideally I was expecting feedback on my wrong answers even though I passed in my audit of the course. It reminded me of the Level I course I took with Snell almost 14 years ago in that it covered all of the Thermal Imaging basics. At the end of this program were application specific examples that addressed topics we deal with constantly such as moisture intrusion in buildings and flat roof structure. My objective is to supplement this course with additional incident specific topic sessions to complete our in-house level I training. Just a note, the short mechanical and Electrical application courses were also well presented and great that they are web based."
Karl Koenig
, United States
Taught by:
"This was a great course for electrical industry professionals! Cary was a great instructor -- extremely knowledgeable and helpful!"
John C. Pawlowski Jr.
 - J. Pawlowski & Associates
, Southampton
, PA
, United States
Taught by:
"Everyone that invests in an infrared camera should attend this course!"
Allen Rathke
 - Allen Electric, LLC.
, Topeka
, KS
, United States
Taught by:
"This is a "must have" course for thermographers!"
Mel Mhlanga
 - Kimberly-Clark
, Fullerton
, CA
, United States
"Wyatt did a perfect job of training and explaining the material and had us properly prepared for the test. "
Mike Winternheimer
, Boonville
, IN
, United States
"Excellent course - I would recommend it to others. Don and Jim were very enthusiastic, understandable and related well with all students. "
Kenn Parris
, Seneca
, SC
, United States