Infrared for Electrical Inspections

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This two-day course is designed for the novice infrared thermographer in understanding the requirements for conducting successful electrical inspections. There is no pre-requisite for this class. It is best suited for someone with a basic understanding of electrical apparatus and systems.

The course covers the proper use of infrared equipment, camera performance specifications, and how to use the equipment to effectively capture high-quality images for further analysis and reporting. Both thermal imager capabilities—as well as limitations—are also discussed and shown through a variety of demonstrations. Heat transfer fundamentals, including radiation, conduction, and convection, are presented using our easy to understand “kitchen physics” approach.

The course examines the inspection of high voltage transmission all the way down through to milliamp control circuits. It includes the fundamentals of electrical inspections and the failure modes detectable utilizing infrared thermography. Safety issues are discussed including the utilization of NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 protocol during inspections. Inspection procedures are reviewed as are the use and limitations of infrared windows.

Different methodologies that can be utilized in infrared electrical condition monitoring programs are covered. Because a good report is very important to the success of any electrical reliability program, analysis techniques and tools available in most reporting software are illustrated. The Snell Group’s exclusive risk-based prioritization of anomaly severity is discussed. Sample report designs are also presented.

This course is open to all people—whether they currently do not own infrared equipment and are exploring the options—as well as people who own an imager, the course covers all brands and models of all infrared thermal imagers. Specifically designed hands-on exercises are integrated throughout the course to enhance and support the discussions and lectures. Quizzes and tests are also included to support maximum learning potential.

Course Outline:

  • Introductions
  • Think Thermally®
  • Infrared Equipment
    • Components
    • Controls
    • Specifications
  • Image Quality
    • Focus
    • Span & Level
    • Perspective and composition
    • Palettes
  • Camera functionality check
  • Theory
    • Heat & Temperature
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • State Change
    • Radiation
  • Safety
  • Electrical Applications
    • High voltage equipment
    • Medium voltage equipment
    • Low voltage equipment
    • Miscellaneous equipment
  • Methodologies for Inspections
    • Trending, exception, troubleshooting
  • Analysis and Reporting

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