Infrared Audit and Assessment

If you are thinking about starting an infrared program, are not sure how your current infrared program stacks up against industry best practices, or you are not sure how your facility can benefit from a robust infrared program, an audit or assessment is a great place to start.

If you are not sure how to get started with infrared imaging, or how your facility can apply and benefit from implementing an infrared condition monitoring program, a simple site assessment can quickly provide these answers and more. If you have an existing program, an audit can efficiently identify areas needing establishment, improvement, deletion or expansion.  Identifying these areas and taking action can greatly improve your ROI with the technology.

The Snell Group can evaluate your organization’s existing infrastructure and identify the appropriate budget, training, equipment, applications, procedures, analysis and reporting methods that are needed for success. Recommendations are then made based on addressing such questions as:

  • What system assets can you inspect with an infrared camera?
  • Is there an available budget for testing equipment, maintenance and personnel training in subsequent years?
  • Will the personnel conducting electrical inspections understand and follow the requirements of NFPA 70E regarding approach distance and personal protective equipment (PPE)?

An IR audit or assessment from The Snell Group evaluates hundreds of critical points that, when analyzed and compiled, form a road-map for managers to follow for the development or improvement of an existing program. The Snell Group will help you identify these needs, whether it’s selecting appropriate equipment, creating procedures, establishing safety protocols or evaluating training needs. Let us use and apply our knowledge to enable you to develop a world-class thermography program at your facility.

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