Case Study: Utilities Invest In Predictive Maintenance Program

The Need:

Green Mountain Power is an electric utility with a 100+ year history that serves approximately 90,000 customers in the state of Vermont.

Several years ago, the utility decided it was wise to invest in infrared thermography as part of its in house predictive maintenance program. “We use infrared technology to find hot spots in transformers, hot connections, and a variety of other conditions that are not normal,” said Kurt Bailey of Green Mountain Power. “It is absolutely imperative to find problems before they become critical or emergency situations. Not only does it save big dollars in equipment costs and lost revenue, but you almost can’t measure the value of keeping customers happy with consistent, uninterrupted service.” said Kurt.
The Solution:

Green Mountain Power turned to The Snell Group as soon as they decided to invest in infrared equipment, and The Snell Group has been there to help every step of the way. The Snell Group helped Kurt evaluate different camera options and purchase the equipment best suited to the needs of Green Mountain Power. Kurt has taken Level 1 and Level 2 training and has sent others on his team to Level 1 training. Additionally, Kurt’s team subscribes to The Snell Group’s e-Newsletters, particularly values the Tip of the Week, and also appreciates the ongoing support he receives from The Snell Group whenever he needs it.

The Results:

According to Kurt, “The training and support from The Snell Group has been outstanding. They teach you far more than how to operate the equipment. They train you to identify, understand and quantify what you’re looking at, and they help you to explain it to others. There is no question that the knowledge we get from The Snell Group is a tremendous asset to our business.”