Electric Motor Testing Services

Performing Online and Offline EMT will give you the true story of your motor’s electrical health. Not doing so could add tens of thousands to your maintenance budget.

Technician performing electric motor testing

What equipment failures will stop your operation?

The Snell Group conducts testing of your electric motors and their associated circuitry. Electric Motor Testing is the process of using specialized electrical test equipment to determine the health of a motor and its associated electric circuitry. This information can be measured, quantified, stored, analyzed, and trended. The results can help maintenance personnel anticipate and identify fault conditions that, left undetected, often lead to the premature failure and/or loss of important assets.

EMT analyzes six distinct areas that are critical to the proper operation and health of electric motors.

  • Power quality
  • Wind insulation
  • Power circuit
  • Stator health
  • Rotor health
  • Eccentricity

Energized vs. De-energized

Some types of testing should be done on-line with the motor in operation while other tests should be done off-line. Specialty test equipment is necessary to properly test most varieties of electric motors. Therefore, we use different test and measurement methods for online monitoring vs. off-line situations.

Manufacturers of motor testing devices have assembled systems incorporating many individual pieces of test equipment that can accurately and quickly capture motor circuit data to help determine motor health. Considering how essential motors are to all aspects of our life today, motor testing has a predominant role in monitoring their condition.

Snell EMT consultants can provide detailed reports with failure mode identification and recommended follow-up such as:

  • Corrective action
  • Correlative testing
  • Changes in maintenance
  • Changes in operational practices
  • System configuration changes

Our electric motor testing consultants can integrate seamlessly with your existing condition monitoring program be it a short-term project or full-time. An appropriate testing frequency for our electric motor testing inspection services will be recommended based on industry best practices and your specific requirements. For large facilities, or sites with many critical motors, it may be beneficial to staff a full-time Snell EMT consultant who works side-by-side providing EMT inspection services for your PdM program throughout the year.

EMT analyzes many different areas of motors.

Benefits of Motor Inspections

  • Detailed report of our findings with anomalies outlines and assessed.
  • To provide early detection of defects or faults in electrical distribution, motor circuits, motors, and motor drive trains
  • Comprehensive reports providing answers to problems.
  • Technicians with extensive knowledge on methods and techniques
  • Assist in route-based testing following your procedures
  • Wide range, cost effective equipment resources

With a strong emphasis on safety, our EMT consultants have NFPA 70E training and are aware of the high OSHA standards that are required yearly.

To learn how our EMT inspections can get a higher return on investment or to integrate EMT/MCA into your overall motor and PdM programs, please contact us for a proposal.