EMT Mentoring

Ultimately, your team needs to know how to incorporate both their classroom training and hands-on field work into the successful establishment of a condition monitoring program. Mentoring is a hands-on learning experience that happens at your site. We will send in a qualified Snell Group electric motor testing consultant as your own private, knowledgeable advisor to coach you with any portion of your overall motor testing program. We sit down with you to identify your specified need and then we’ll outline our specific plan to meet them and to articulate our deliverables.

Our mentoring process begins with an interview to understand and establish current site practices and compare them to industry best practices. Areas of customized support can include test equipment usage and optimization, data analysis and reporting, acceptance and stores testing, testing and safety techniques. Or we can simply work side by side with your people while they perform EMT testing in order to enhance their knowledge and analysis skills. Additionally we have the capability to work with motor vendors and repair facilities to establish acceptance criteria and qualification.

Please contact us for a customized quote for these services.