Electric Motor Testing

The Snell Group is a leader in Electric Motor Testing (EMT), sometimes also called Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) or Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE) using portable, computer-supported test equipment to monitor and trend the condition of electric motors and supporting circuitry which reveals a wide-range of hidden problems.

Increase Up-time

Electric motor testing helps us identify defective motors before they reach a point of catastrophic or functional failure. This allows for planned corrective actions that are more economical and minimize the interruption of normal scheduled production. EMT testing technology also allows maintenance personnel to locate problems inside a motor or within the motor circuit before those issues find you—either in the middle of the night or during critical production time!

Save Money

By understanding the true condition of motor assets with motor circuit testing, collateral damage from failures are limited and maintenance costs are reduced. The need to either repair or replace a motor carries with it significant costs in terms of labor and equipment. Deciding whether you need to “clean, dip and bake”, rewind or even replace a motor is an important and potentially expensive decision. With EMT testing you are better able to schedule appropriate maintenance actions, further reducing overall costs. Many customers are even verifying the quality of their new or rebuilt motors by testing them prior to either inventorying them or installing them.

Conserve Energy

It is even possible to identify conditions that result in increased power consumption with MCA testing. These can both negatively impact overall power quality and accelerate wear of other assets as well as result in costly increased energy consumption, peak use and power factor. EMT identifies supply voltage problems that reduce the life of most electrical equipment and increase overall utility costs. It is also possible to locate “high efficiency” motors suffering reduced efficiency due to core loss or poor rewinding practices.

Improve Safety

EMT testing reduces both the urgency of breakdowns and the frequency of their occurrence. The knowledge gained helps management shift more maintenance work to scheduled downtime and much safer de-energized repair work conditions. EMT also locates faulty electrical connections in the motor circuit that may not be found during routine infrared surveys thus reducing the threat of fire.

The Snell Group packages our motor circuit analysis knowledge through conducting EMT training courses, using certified technicians for EMT services, and having a wide array of EMT consulting offerings. Remember, our knowledge is your advantage.