Roy Huff

Vice President

With a professional background in reliability engineering, Roy’s strengths in management and program development have been a tremendous asset to The Snell Group. He is a partner in the inspections services company specializing in auditing, mentoring and consulting services for a broad range of industries. Additionally, he serves as New Product Development Manager and Instructor, with expertise in the application of both infrared (IR) and electric motor testing(EMT) technologies.

Earlier in his career, Roy spent twelve years as an Equipment Reliability Engineer with Allied Signal Aerospace and he was instrumental in establishing their infrared program. He also served as a field service consulting engineer for a Midwestern predictive maintenance company. In that position he provided engineering consulting and technical services specializing in infrared, vibration, lubrication, motor analysis and passive and active ultrasound. In 1998, Roy was the lead professional for The Snell Group on a large project with the International Nuclear Safety Program. In that capacity he traveled to several (former) Soviet-designed nuclear power plant sites around the world and conducted training to help them improve their safety procedures.

He has presented at several conferences, including the P/PM National Symposium, Thermosense, Thermal Solutions, NETA, EPRI and SMRP. He has also actively participated in founding the Kansas City Predictive Maintenance User's Group. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and in 1996 received a Level 3 Thermal/Infrared certificate from ASNT. Roy is certified by SMRP as a Certified Reliability Maintenance Professional (CMRP).

Roy teaches a very wide range of classes for The Snell Group, including Level 1, Level 2, Level 1 NDT, Level 2 NDT, Level 3, Electrical Specialty and Mechanical Specialty courses.