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The Think Thermally and MotorTalk blogs are updated monthly, written by Snell instructors and consultants for those interested or involved with infrared thermography and electric motor testing (EMT). Electrical, mechanical, building applications, and EMT are covered in this blog along with discussions on theory, equipment, tips, news, and much more.
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The Snell Group | May 17, 2022
Si está leyendo el título de este documento y no reconoce los términos utilizados, por favor no haga click para cerrarlo y lo invitamos a seguir leyéndolo. En The Snell Group, nos esforzamos en entregar conocimiento en todo el espectro tanto de la Termografía Infrarroja así..

Motor Talk

The Snell Group | May 11, 2022
"In-Rush", or starting current, provides an invaluable trend-able data set. It can be used to identify starting circuit faults, motor circuit faults, motor-rotor/stator faults, and mechanical faults. Some motor tester manufacturers provide a test specifically for this purpose. For equipment that does not provide a specific..


The Snell Group | May 06, 2022
As the sun works its way across the skies, the shadows it casts can become long and influential. This is especially true on walls where a soffit or overhang can shade the upper part of a wall but not the lower. This is obvious to anyone..

IR Talk

The Snell Group | Apr 01, 2022
The visual image above is a duct of a transformer showing no visual indication of heat-related failure. Using thermal imaging to determine both the source, cause, and severity of a hot spot isn’t always easy. Just because you see a thermal anomaly doesn’t necessarily mean you..