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The Think Thermally and MotorTalk blogs are updated monthly, written by Snell instructors and consultants for those interested or involved with infrared thermography and electric motor testing (EMT). Electrical, mechanical, building applications, and EMT are covered in this blog along with discussions on theory, equipment, tips, news, and much more.
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The Snell Group | Mar 29, 2021
Une image de thermomètre.
Malgré le fait que votre imageur infrarouge peut afficher une étendue de plage de températures très élevées ou très basses, il est possible que votre camera ne fonctionnera pas dans ces conditions. Il est nécessaire de faire la distinction entre les capacités indiquées en contraste avec...

IR Talk

The Snell Group | Mar 01, 2021
Range vs. Environment Limitations
Just because your camera has a very high or very low temperature range capabilities does not mean your camera will operate in those conditions. We must distinguish between the camera’s temperature range capabilities and its operating environment temperature capabilities. The cameras’ range is defined as: “the...


The Snell Group | Feb 12, 2021
Formal training is essential in building a quality thermographer.
Muchas veces la termografía podría ser vista como algo que realizan los técnicos cuando no tienen nada más que hacer. Muchos de mis estudiantes son enviados al curso de entrenamiento de termografía porque su planta o empresa está trabajando a un ritmo reducido, permitiendo que las...


The Snell Group | Feb 04, 2021
This image of an interior wall was taken during a conduction inspection.
When performing a conduction inspection on a building many of the thermal patterns detected can be deceiving. Misinterpretation of patterns can be caused by a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) solar loading and soffit/eaves shading. Solar loading can make inspections of the outside...

Motor Talk

The Snell Group | Jan 18, 2021
Implementing a motor testing program is no easy undertaking.
Implementing a motor testing program is no easy undertaking. Implementing anything new can be extremely difficult. Many questions need answered, many minds need to come together, and numerous obstacles must be overcome. How do we get this off the ground? Who do we need “Buy-In” from?...