The Think Thermally and MotorTalk blogs are updated monthly, written by Snell instructors and consultants for those interested or involved with infrared thermography and electric motor testing (EMT). Electrical, mechanical, building applications, and EMT are covered in this blog along with discussions on theory, equipment, tips, news, and much more.
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IR Talk

The Snell Group | Nov 30, 2021
If you do an internet search on Reliability you’ll get thousands of hits with links to hundreds of sites for companies that are heavily vested in programs that apply multiple condition monitoring technologies to their assets. Despite the fact that reliability is in full swing across..

Motor Talk

The Snell Group | Nov 15, 2021
Electric motors have been used in industry for nearly 150 years. The Gramme Machine, the first electric motor, was discovered quite by accident in 1873. Nickola Tesla invented the first practical AC electric motor in 1888 and they have been applied across all industry sectors ever..


The Snell Group | Nov 04, 2021
At first, blush, inspecting buildings with thermography might appear to be a rather straightforward endeavor. While this is partially true, there are some points to consider. Heat transfer in buildings can be dynamic and understanding the thermal conditions and how they change during the inspection process..


The Snell Group | Oct 15, 2021
En algunas ocasiones en mis entrenamientos de termografía me preguntan, ¿Cuál ha sido la imagen térmica más interesante que he tomado? Esto me hace recordar la ocasión que un piloto me pidió que tomara la imagen térmica del globo aerostático ‘Mayflower’. Era una hermosa tarde durante..


The Snell Group | Sep 17, 2021
Souvent durant mes cours, on me demande « quelles sont les images thermiques les plus intéressantes que j'ai jamais prises ». Je songe toujours à une époque quand un pilote m'a demandé d’inspecter sa montgolfière. Il faisait un temp superbe pendant un après-midi au salon du..