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The Think Thermally and MotorTalk blogs are updated monthly, written by Snell instructors and consultants for those interested or involved with infrared thermography and electric motor testing (EMT). Electrical, mechanical, building applications, and EMT are covered in this blog along with discussions on theory, equipment, tips, news, and much more.
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IR Talk

The Snell Group | Sep 28, 2022
When creating an infrared inspection report it is important to include a high-quality visual reference of the anomaly along with the thermal image in the report. This visual image, along with written directions, will help the individuals responsible for the repair quickly find the equipment or..


The Snell Group | Aug 19, 2022
La majorité des gens qui suivent un cours de thermographie niveau I ont hâte de mettre à l’épreuve leur nouvelle maitrise en découvrant des problèmes grâce à l’infrarouge. C'est une bonne chose pour un employeur, et également utile pour sa formation individuelle en continue. Passer le..

Motor Talk

The Snell Group | Aug 11, 2022
There are many technologies available to monitor critical assets and increase reliability. We have found the use of infrared with energized electric motor testing (EMT) is a perfect match.   When testing an asset from the MCC bucket or starter, pre-scanning with infrared will identify any..


The Snell Group | Aug 05, 2022
At a first, inspecting buildings with thermography might appear to be a rather straightforward endeavor. While this is partially true, there are some points to be considered. Heat transfer in buildings can be dynamic and understanding the thermal conditions and how they change during the inspection..


The Snell Group | Jul 13, 2022
Al considerar en la actualidad la disponibilidad de esta tecnología, me doy cuenta de los grandes avances tecnológicos, y como la tecnología sigue avanzando rápidamente. Recuerdo en el pasado leer en historietas de Dick Tracy, acerca de tecnología en ese entonces futurista, como relojes con radio ..