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The Think Thermally and MotorTalk blogs are updated monthly, written by Snell instructors and consultants for those interested or involved with infrared thermography and electric motor testing (EMT). Electrical, mechanical, building applications, and EMT are covered in this blog along with discussions on theory, equipment, tips, news, and much more.
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The Snell Group | Oct 09, 2020
Infrared photo of a ceiling with batt insulation.
Industry specific euphemisms can be incredibly humorous. There are a variety of air brake switches in substations that linemen often call “popsicles”, for example. A tangle of wires is commonly called a “bird’s nest”. In building science there is a component used to help install fiberglass...

IR Talk

The Snell Group | Oct 05, 2020
Diagram of thermostatic trap
Most people inspecting steam traps believe it to be a straightforward thing. It should be hotter on the steam side of the trap and cooler on the condensate side. Because there are many different styles of steam traps and several different methods of removing the condensate,...

Motor Talk

The Snell Group | Aug 13, 2020
Identifying Blade Pass Frequencies with Motor Current
Every 21 st Century maintenance program should include monitoring of energized critical motors. Monitoring motors can identify many mechanical anomalies within the motor or driven load. An electric motor in operation simply converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. That energy is in the form of torque...