Customer Testimonials

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"Matt was very knowledgeable and gave a great presentation of the material!"
Dana Day - Preston Link Electric , Gainesville, FL, United States
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"I highly recommend this course to anyone using an IR camera, regardless if they have an IR program. Matt was excellent - he always kept the class engaged. This course exceeded my expectations. "
Tex Teixeira - Trans Alta , Centralia, WA, United States
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"This course is a "must have" for the things you need to know. Ron Conner was AWESOME!"
Casey Pruett - RockTenn Company , Pisgah, AL, United States
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"The course was very interesting; useful on methods and tools to better understand our processes. The hands-on exercises and demonstrations were the most useful. Roy was great - very interactive, patient, and has the ability to phrase questions and answers that were clear and concise."
Doug Donnini - Procter & Gamble , Cincinnati, OH, United States
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"This course is a must for anyone interested in the proper use of IR thermography!"
Andrew Grant , Barrow, AK, United States
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"It was a great course - really worth the time and investment. Roy was very knowledgeable about the material."
Drew Strasmeier - Procter & Gamble , Cincinnati, OH, United States
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"Excellent Level 2 content! Wish we had the analytical group present for this. I appreciated Roy's willingness to both commit to additional research and provide timing instead of making guesses!"
Steve Varga - Procter & Gamble , Cincinnati, OH, United States
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"Wyatt and Ron were exceptionally knowledgeable - obviously very experienced in the medium. This is a "must have" course for maintenance personnel. "
Josh Zurcher - Enbridge , Grand Forks, ND, United States
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"Come with a clear mind and open eyes - lots to learn and understand! Roy was very knowledgeable and was easy to talk to and very helpful throughout the course."
Michael Gaugg - Royal Australian Air Force , Amberly, Queensland, Australia
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"Roy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to thermography and NDT and he was able to answer everything thrown his way. This was a very informative and well worthwhile course."
JD McHaffie - Royal New Zealand Air Force , Blenheim, , New Zealand
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"This course is a "must take" for all thermographers. The demonstrations were very useful. Don took the time with each student when he needed and he had great explanations."
Brett Banks - McCall - Thomas Engineering , Orangeburg, SC, United States
"Excellent course - I would recommend it to others. Don and Jim were very enthusiastic, understandable, and related well with all students. "
Kenn Parris , Seneca, SC, United States
"The Snell Group course opened my eyes to the world of thermography and the usefulness of this tool. I had wonderful instructors (Don and Jim) - they were very helpful, especially with my unique background."
Kalen McNabb - Meadors Conservation , Charleston, SC, United States
"The best training course I've ever taken!"
Brian Sterling - HAECO , Greensboro, NC, United States
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"It was an excellent course. Matt did a great job with the course. I was never bored. He provided good examples and was willing to work after class if needed. He was also funny and kept the class engaged. I will take a Snell Group training course again!"
Menish Sharma - DWR, Dept. of Water Resources , Sacramento, CA, United States
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"Everything in this course was useful - it is well worth taking!"
Fred Thompson - Erie Insurance Group , Erie, PA, United States
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"I was able to follow through the entire course easily without being bored. I have benefited greatly from this course. Roy was very professional and personable as well as very knowledgeable. "
Bill Gilliam , McGeehee, AR, United States
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"This course MUST be taken as an introduction to thermography. The most useful part of the course was understanding the difference between temperature and the resulting thermal patterns. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very friendly. "
Thomas Mattox - ChillCo, Inc. , Mandeville, LA, United States
Taught By:
"Jacob was very dedicated to his work and very knowledgeable. The class was very interesting. It opens your eyes to this style of inspecting."
David Quiroz - Powell Industries , Houston, TX, United States
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"Learning the abilities and limitations of our equipment was the most useful part of the class. Elmer is one of the best instructors I've had regardless of subject!"
Chris Blackmon - Luminant Power , Fort Worth, TX, United States
"Elmer is professional and knowledgeable!"
Steve Lake - Shaw Industries, Inc. , Dalton, GA, United States
Taught By:
"The course was very good and informative and used real-world examples to better reinforce topics. Roy had a lot of firsthand experience with IR. He shared many stories that helped with understanding and broke the class up. He was knowledgeable, but didn't talk down to anyone. "
Bobbie Diedrich - NAVAIR , Indian Head, MD, United States
Taught By:
"Elmer and Wyatt were very knowledgeable about the material. The hands-on with camera techniques was very helpful. After this course you will have the rudimentary knowledge and skills to us an infrared camera as a qualified thermographer. "
Josh Engel - Cooper Electric , Cincinnati, OH, United States
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"I learned more about how to properly use my equipment and this will help me to improve my abilities to analyze thermograms. Learning the manual adjustments and how to interpret images was great. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about IR."
Rick Lee - Arrow Electric Inc. , Greenville, PA, United States
Taught By:
"The course was very interesting. A lot of science, physics, and applications. It put my brain to work. Elmer related the material well to our job requirements and future growth. "
Curt Campbell - City of Columbus Division of Water , Columbus, OH, United States