Elmer DeForest

Instructor & Consultant

Elmer has been a part of The Snell Group Team since August 2003. He started out on the service and inspections side and traveled to many industrial sites for consultation, setting up programs and performing inspections. He also mentored and trained Snell employees in Infrared, Motor Circuit Analysis and Ultrasound. Currently he is an instructor for Level 1 courses and holds a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP) certificate through the Society of Maintenance Reliability Professionals and has an ASNT-TC-1A Level 2 certificate in thermography.

Elmer began his career as an Electronics Specialist in the United States Air Force and on discharge was hired by E.I. DuPont as an Instrument and Electrical Technician at the Victoria, Texas Plant. He quickly progressed to Planning and Scheduling, then to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, and then to Reliability maintenance where he began the Victoria Plant infrared program in 1994 among other programs. Elmer assisted with setting up and being a member of the DuPont Corporate Global Infrared Leadership Team and expanded the local Victoria Plant infrared inspections program to three other area DuPont Plants. After being promoted to management, Elmer supervised not only the infrared inspection program, but also the Victoria Plant’s central electric motor repair facility in addition to various other centralized repair shops such as electronics, computers, instrumentation, electrical and plumbing shops. With the motor shop experiences, Elmer quickly became known with his work in motor maintenance, reliability and cost savings, eventually becoming a member of the DuPont Corporate Electric Motor Technology Team participating in various corporate electric motor initiatives.

With DuPont and the Snell Group, Elmer has been published several times on his work with thermography, electric motor circuit analysis and electric motor reliability. He has also made numerous presentations at nationally recognized forums and conferences on thermography, electric motor circuit analysis and electric motor reliability.

Elmer is also a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance agent with the state of Texas. For fun, Elmer is currently the part-time mayor of a small town on the Texas Gulf Coast. He enjoys the challenges of confronting and solving issues that small, growing communities face, as well as assisting its residents maintain and improve their way of life. As mayor he serves on several inter-local government boards with other mayors, County Judges and Commissioners. In his “spare” time he likes fishing and leisurely travel.

Elmer currently teaches Level 1 infrared thermography courses for The Snell Group.