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The Snell Group kicked off the year with a long-time customer in Camden, NJ. Our customer has a shutdown every January for 2 weeks. As with any company, shutdowns are critical to their operations to get things fixed and ready for the next production cycle. It takes months of preparation from many different vendors and operations within the company. Shutdowns can create chaos but if planned right, organized chaos. For The Snell Group we make it easy for our customers by staying in constant contact up to and throughout our time onsite. What will we do for the shutdown you might ask, well, that is a great question. At the Snell Group we are the leading experts in electric motor testing and reliability for manufacturing operations across the country. The Snell Group performs a variety of test methods on your electrical motors to make sure they stay in optimal performance throughout the year.

The first thing we start with is a strong emphasis on safety, our EMT consultants have NFPA 70E training and meet our high standards for technology-specific professional development. Working with our customer in Camden we performed offline (deenergized) testing of their motors (EMT).

Annual company shutdown for plant inspection.

Some of the tests that can be conducted offline include:

  • Winding Resistance
  • MegOhm
  • DC Hi Pot
  • Surge
  • Partial Discharge Detection

They have a mixed bag of voltages 480V, 4160V motors. Most of them are induction motors but the main mill motor is a wound rotor motor which takes a more specialized testing method and attention to details. Over the course of 2 days, we tested several motors that had issues and some we declared all clear. If you would like to know more on how to set up a motor management program, please give me a call at The Snell Group to discuss your sites operations.

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