Level 2 - Thermography for Aerospace NDT

Madison Heights, Michigan - US
Public Course
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08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
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08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
Day 3 Time: 
08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
Day 4 Time: 
08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
Day 5 Time: 
08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
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Thermal Wave Imaging
25177 Dequindre Rd.
Madison Heights, MI 48071
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Prerequisite: Level 1 - Thermography for Aerospace NDT

A 32-hour advanced course covering the theory and applications of infrared thermography focused on the detection of subsurface flaws in a variety of structural materials. The class focuses on the wide range of nondestructive thermal techniques, but also on the written procedures and inspection needs of the client. Upon completion students will be aware of how to perform active thermography inspections on a wide range of materials and composite structures.

Level 2 reviews the basics of Level 1 and then expands into advanced techniques and radiometry. This includes topics on radiometric temperature measurement and how taking accurate temperatures improves the diagnosis and interpretation of thermal situations. The course delves deeply into the concepts of emissivity, reflected temperature compensation, as well as spatial and measurement resolution. Also included is an overview of ASTM 2582-07 and flaw depth determination.

This course fully meets the educational requirements for certification according to the published recommendations of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

An optional three-part ASNT/NAS 410 certification examination is available on the final day of the course for an additional $750. This is for individuals with a written practice and qualifying work experience. This test must be arranged in advance and a student’s written practice and applicable inspection procedures must be supplied to The Snell Group prior to the course. In addition, two blind test samples will need to be supplied.