2-EMTTS–Electric Motor Fundamentals

Electric Motor Testing (EMT)
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In this section we will continue to build the foundation, necessary, for you to be highly successful at diagnosing motor and motor circuit problems. We will explore differing distribution and grounding systems and how they may impact data collection and analysis. We will also explore how motors are constructed. Without understanding the design and construction of motors, it is quite easy to misdiagnose any collected data. Motor Rewind is another topic we will explore. Knowing what is involved with a proper motor rewind can ensure that you do not receive substandard motors from any motor shop, allowing these motors to be installed or placed in inventory. All motors come with nameplates installed. Although somewhat intuitive much of the information contained on these nameplates is not fully understood or misunderstood. We will provide a detailed overview of the content and importance of understanding motor nameplates.

  • Distribution Apparatus
  • Motor Design Construction & Materials
  • Stator Core
  • Stator Windings and Rotor
  • Motor Rewind Sequence
  • Core Loss
  • Coil Winder
  • Motor Rewind - Testing & Evaluation
  • Motor Nameplate