The Snell Group Presents their New Online Electric Motor Testing Training Series (EMTTS)


Barre, VT, August 4, 2021: The Snell Group is proud to announce the release of an “On-Demand Online” version of our 32-hour Electric Motor Testing Training Courses. This innovative presentation provides all the information and documentation that you would receive if you were to sit the actual live course. The Power Point topics have been recorded and links are provided to labs and demonstration videos. There is also access for contact with an actual course instructor for any questions you may have.

The course has been designed so that you can take one section at a time, when time and training funds permit. Each topic can be purchased individually. You may also pay for the entire course and take up to 6 months at your leisure to complete all the topics.

There are seven sections for the entire course:

1-EMTTS--Electrical Theory Basics

2-EMTTS--Electric Motor Fundamentals

3-EMTTS--Electric Motor Operational Theory

4-EMTTS--De-Energized Electric Motor Testing

5-EMTTS—Energized Electric Motor Testing and Power Quality Analysis

6-EMTTS--Energized Electric Motor Testing and Spectral Analysis

7-EMTTS—Safety Considerations for Electric Motor Testing

The course was designed to be taken in the order listed above. However, you may decide one or more topics are not necessarily applicable. You may purchase the topics that you feel are important on an individual basis.

There are several advantages for selecting the entire course option. It is more economical, and a detailed course manual will be provided as well as your selection of a De-Energized or Energized Motor Testing Data Analysis Wall Chart.

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