EMTTS – Electric Motor Testing Training Series

The Snell Group is proud to announce the development of an “On-Line” version of our 32-hour Electric Motor Testing Training Courses. This innovative presentation provides all the information and documentation that you would receive if you were to sit the actual live course. The Power Point topics have been recorded and links are provided to labs and demonstration videos. There is also access for contact with an actual course instructor for any questions you may have.

The course has been designed so that you can take one section at a time, when time and training funds permit. Each topic can be purchased individually. You may also pay for the entire course and take up to 6 months at your leisure to complete all the topics. Paying for the entire course is the most economical method. However, there are no prerequisites for an individual section, take just one as a refresher or to learn more about Electric Motor Testing.

Full motor testing course available.

Electric Motor Testing— Energized & De-Energized
This Full Course includes: EMTTS--Safety Considerations for Electric Motor Testing

This section is devoted to providing guidance for safe conduction of electric motor testing. Recommendations for procedures and precautions...  More Info »

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There are six sections in the series:

Electrical Theory Basics

1-EMTTS--Electrical Theory Basics

The ability to successfully use motor test instruments will be dependent upon your knowledge of basic electrical theory. The first several hours... More Info »

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Electric Motor Fundamentals

2-EMTTS--Electric Motor Fundamentals

In this section we will continue to build the foundation, necessary, for you to be highly successful at diagnosing motor and motor circuit problems.  More Info »

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Electric Motor Operational Theory

3-EMTTS--Electric Motor Operational Theory

With theory review and motor construction now under our belts, we will explore how motors operate. Staring with a simple AC generator... More Info »

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De-Energized Electric Motor Testing

4-EMTTS--De-Energized Electric Motor Testing

In this topic we will bring together all the previous topics to display and comprehend the various testing types and methods utilized by... More Info »

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Energized Electric Motor Testing and Power Quality Analysis

5-EMTTS—Energized Electric Motor Testing and Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis is the first part of “Energized Electric Motor Testing.” Power Quality issues first appeared with the advent of the vacuum tube. More Info »

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Energized Electric Motor Testing and Spectral Analysis

6-EMTTS--Energized Electric Motor Testing and Spectral Analysis

This topic is a culmination of all the previous topic in this series. Energized motor testing is an expedient method for identifying many electrical and mechanical... More Info »

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The course was designed to be taken in the order listed above. However, after reviewing the “Section Descriptions and Contents,” you may decide one or more topics are not necessarily applicable. You can purchase the topics that you feel are necessary on an individual basis.

There are several advantages for selecting the entire course option. It is more economical. A detailed course manual will be provided, you'll have a detailed course review and will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon passing your final exam.

Energized and De-Energized Motor Testing Data Analysis Wall Charts
Developed by The Snell Group, these 36” x 48” laminated wall charts are used to analysis/diagnose a motor within a reliability program. Use the guide to troubleshoot a variety of problems when analyzing data from multiple test instruments making motor circuit defects easy to identify. More Info