The Snell Group is pleased to announce a new member of their staff and team, Dave Sirmans


Barre, VT, March 17, 2017: The Snell Group is pleased to announce a new member of their staff and team, Dave Sirmans.

Dave has rejoined us here at The Snell Group as of early 2017. He had originally worked for us starting back in 2008 as Operations Manager for the inspection side of The Snell Group. He later transitioned into becoming an instructor and consultant for the training side, Snell Infrared. He left briefly to hone his reliability, electrical and electrical safety skills with a reliability solutions group. Now, back with us, Dave instructs Level I, Level II, and our Electrical and Mechanical Specialty courses.

Dave obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from New York Regents University. Along with his degree he has written numerous articles for publications and conferences, some being papers from the Thermal Solutions conference for thermographers; “Recognizing the Dangers of Magnetic Heating” (2006), “Infrared Technology in RF System Maintenance and Repair” (2006), “Distribution Fusing and Infrared Technology” (2007), and “NFPA-70E and “Infrared Inspections: Compliance in a Non-compliant World” (2008).

Additionally, prior to The Snell Group, Dave worked as a lead engineer in an electrical testing company, and helped create great advances for them. He also served eight years in the US Navy as an Avionics Technician and Electronics Instructor.

Jim Fritz, President and CEO of The Snell Group, says “Getting Dave back on our instructional staff will give us more depth in our reliability, electrical and electrical safety staff. Dave brings significant experience both in the field and the classroom, and has always received praise from students around the world.”

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