Jeremy's Journey -- New Reporting Software for Inspections

IR Talk

At the Snell Group we are improving our services for our customers. In April we started using a new Infrared Software for reporting to help us keep track of our customers assets. This new software gives us an advantage over our competitors, it helps us keep track of bad actors, keeps track of multiple sites under one location and speeds up our reporting time.

Sample equipment list.

The software produces an interactive format with hyperlinked images and descriptions for easy navigation throughout the report no matter how long it is. By using this new software, the customer gets an improved experience of keeping track of their assets. We used this new software on a job that was a week & a half long, within 2 days of finishing the job we had the completed report to the customer. And, by working with our new software, we will help your company site come into compliance with the new NFPA 70B regulations. Here are some screen shots of an example report for you to look at.

Sample of problem list.

Sample of elecdtrical problem details.

Well back to work, tune in next month to see where my journey’s taking me next. Always remember you can give The Snell Group or myself a call at 1+800.636.9820. “Our Knowledge. Your Advantage.”

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