Our History

The company began in 1986 to support thermographers using thermal imagers throughout a wide range of industries. The company grew slowly but steadily as the demand for qualified training and consulting services grew.

In the early years, the Principals wore multiple hats and did everything from sales and marketing to training, with substantial time spent on the road. Significant expansion of marketing public and on-site trainings was done starting in 1995, which propelled Snell Infrared to substantial growth, and which cultivated an impressive list of clients.

In 1998, Snell Inspections was formed, a company offering full-service IR inspection services to customers for whom it was more cost effective to outsource their maintenance program. The growing demand for services provided the company with a strong customer base and presence in the market.

In 2000, Electric Motor Testing (EMT) inspection services became part of our portfolio, with a long list of customers eager to benefit from our expertise. By 2007, with the evolution of EMT technology and companies developing their own motor asset management programs, we strategically expanded our training and consulting services to include both IR and EMT under The Snell Group.

Due to additional marketing and sales efforts for overseas work, in 2005 we formed Snell International to better serve our foreign customers and to strategically accommodate our foreign growth. Since then we have expanded our course offerings into six different languages and have done training in over 50 countries.

In 2010, the Company reorganized ownership and new leadership team has built a wonderful cadre of team members who are committed to ensuring the Company's top position in these two technologies, guiding their team of experts around the globe. In August 2022 the Company was acquired by Applied Technical Services located in Marietta, Georgia.

Knowing these technologies inside and out is our passion and our craft. Our knowledge is your advantage.

Our History