The Snell Group is proud of its certification standards in the industry.

The Snell Group Certification Standard follows the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) guidelines for infrared training certification. We are uniquely qualified to promote this process for our clients and students to achieve qualification in both thermography and electric motor testing. Snell Infrared was the first to receive Level 3 Thermal/Infrared certification from ASNT. Our Snell Group instructors have served continuously on ASNT, ASTM, ISO, NETA, IEEE and NFPA committees, as well as several other national and international professional organizations.

Certification Bodies

We have a professional stance on infrared thermography training and certification — producing qualified thermographers.

We provide training and certification services that meet the needs of our students, their clients, and their employers with the respective testing industries to maintain a high degree of professionalism. By rigorously following the guidelines and standards of ASNT we are the training company of choice for organizations such as NASA, Ford Motor Company, DuPont, US Navy, Hartford Steam Boiler, the Southern Company, and hundreds of consulting firms.

The Snell Group offers Electric Motor Testing and Power Quality Certifications.

Electric Motor Testing (EMT) has become a preeminent technology for routine monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting of electric motors, motor circuits, and driven equipment. Comprising both energized and de-energized testing, there are multiple instruments and methods with varying capabilities for assessing motors, motor circuits, and equipment. As with most reliability maintenance technologies, Certification is deemed a necessity for Electric Motor Testing.

At The Snell Group we have only one goal — to provide infrared training and certification services that create professionals who are the best in their field. Why should you settle for anything less? Remember, our knowledge is your advantage.

EMT encompasses multiple technologies with various instruments of differing testing methods and capabilities. A one size fits all Certification path will not work effectively so Snell has developed a vendor‐neutral Certification Program for EMT, providing a Certification path regardless of utilized instrumentation or equipment. The certification process is a non‐levelized path, depending upon the testing and monitoring capabilities of your respective company, there are five diverse certifications.  Read more.

The Snell Group takes training and certification seriously.

Maintaining high professional standards allows our amazing technologies to grow and mature as an industry. All our instructors and technicians are professionals and to be certified under The Snell Group Certification Standard, you must show that you not only have the required knowledge, but you can prove proficiency with the equipment you are to use, whether it is an infrared camera or an electric motor tester, while done under proper testing conditions.

At The Snell Group we have only one goal — to provide infrared training and certification services that create professionals who are the best in their field. Remember, our knowledge is your advantage.