Jeremy Kays

VP of Global Operations

Jeremy Kays CRL is VP of Global Operations / Level 3 Thermographer, MCA at The Snell Group. Jeremy is involved with PDM services, Training and Development. With over 18 years of experience Jeremy has been involved in PDM maintenance programs using various technologies and analysis practices for fortune 500 companies throughout North America. As a Field Consultant with The Snell Group Jeremy has worked with a broad range of industries including power plants, food processors, mines, breweries, alternative energy and pulp and paper. In addition to his primary duties as VP of Operations Jeremy also enjoys hunting and fishing along with taking his family on vacations. Jeremy has presented papers at the IMC Conference 2012, 2013, 2019, 2021. SKF User Group 2015 and Thermal Solutions 2009. Current technologies are Infrared, UE and MCA and Level 1 Infrared Instructor.