Insulation Test Series - High Potential Testing

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Insulation testing is by far the most important testing that you may perform on electric motor and motor circuits. There are several different tests and variations of some of those tests. One of the tests that is available is High Potential testing.

High Potential testing, commonly referred to as Hi-Pot testing, is the most effective insulation test, to ensure that an insulation system will withstand operating potentials. It is also called a Dielectric Withstanding Voltage test, DWV. It is essentially an insulation system “Stress Test.” It tests insulation to a maximum value that is determined by the line voltage. The instruments can be Alternating Current, AC or Direct Current, DC. DC testing is the most common for motor testing. AC is more frequently used for cabling.

High Potential Testing Chart

The table above provides the recommended test voltages. For more information on insulation testing or motor testing consider attending one of the Snell Groups Electric Motor Testing training courses.

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