Reliable Data Correlation with IR and Electric Motor Testing

Motor Talk
The Snell Group

There are many technologies available to monitor critical assets and increase reliability. We have found the use of infrared with energized electric motor testing (EMT) is a perfect match.

Pre-scanning with infrared will identify any connection anomalies or defective components.


When testing an asset from the MCC bucket or starter, pre-scanning with infrared will identify any connection anomalies or defective components. This can save valuable time if normally only electric motor testing is performed. For example, you note a current unbalance and all you know is you may have a possible connection anomaly in the circuit. If done in conjunction with the infrared, you may identify the cause of the unbalance immediately or eliminate the test location as a possibility. From there, all accessible connection points (i.e., local disconnect or junction boxes) may be scanned to localize or further eliminate the source of the current unbalance. If no problem is identified with infrared, the likely source of the problem may be internal to the motor. It can then be scheduled for de-energized testing.

Infrared scanning of the motor when in operation under load provides an invaluable correlation of the external temperature of the motor versus load. Further scanning of the driven components, such as the coupling, bearings, belts, sheaves, gearboxes, etc.

Performing EMT and IR simultaneously makes for expedient and reliable data correlation – truly a perfect match.

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