The Snell Group Announces a Data Analysis Wall Chart for Motor Testing

March 27, 2019

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Barre, VT, March 27, 2019: Our latest innovation is a culmination of years of expertise in the field of electric motor testing. The Snell Group has been conducting motor testing and training for almost two decades. During that time, we have used multiple test equipment’s to test tens of thousands of motor and motor circuits in most types of industrial and commercial facilities. We have developed comprehensive and innovative Electric Motor Testing Training and Certification Courses.

With a fundamental knowledge of motors and motor operation and theory, data analysis can still be quite complex, especially when multiple data sets must be correlated to determine a probable fault. We have developed a De-Energized Motor Testing Data Analysis Wall Chart that will provide a single reference source to analyze most every anomaly identified while conducting de-energized motor testing. This resource is a laminated 3’ x 4’ wall chart packed full of motor analysis information. Designed to correlate with Snell’s motor training courses it is an invaluable data analysis tool for anyone that tests motors, regardless of instrumentation being utilized. Sit one of our Motor Training Courses and get one as part of the curriculum or ORDER ONE TODAY!