SMRP Conference Door Prize Drawing


Seek Reveal Thermal Camera PhotoBarre, VT, November 7, 2018: Daniel Richmond CMRP, Shaw Industries Ltd, was the winner of our recent giveaway! The Snell Group held a raffle drawing at the SMRP Conference and Dan won a SeeK™ Reveal Thermal Camera! This advanced handheld thermal imaging camera, valued at $399, is built for the field with a rugged design and a 205 x 156 sensor. Working as a Plant Engineer, Dan sent us an IR picture of a water heat exchanger for lubrication oil on a critical gearbox. “Thank you as this tool has already been very useful” said Dan, “an IR image will show me temperature differential between oil and water inlets/outlets to determine if it is working correctly or if there is issue that needs to be addressed”. Another great use for thermal imaging. Congratulations and enjoy your new camera!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth!

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