Online - Infrared for Roof Inspections

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Online Course—On-Demand

This course is designed for roofing professionals, facility and maintenance technicians, thermographers, building inspectors and those who use thermal imaging or are considering adding the technology to their program. IR for Roof Inspections will meet the needs of any building thermographer that is using infrared to inspect low-slope roofs moisture related issues on a wide range of different types of buildings; commercial, industrial, institutional, etc. Courses are open to all models of thermal imaging equipment. There are several hands-on simulations and exercises built into the training. While owning an infrared camera is not necessarily required to participate, those who wish to receive a "Certificate of Achievement" for the class should have access to one (see FAQ for more on certificates). Finishing this course prepares students to start successfully applying infrared technology to inspect low-slope roof on small and large roofs deficiencies in the thermal insulation place on a roof.

Topics covered include:

  • Introductions
  • Think Thermally®
  • Equipment
  • Image Quality
  • Theory – Heat & Temperature
  • Theory – Conduction & Convection
  • Radiation, Transmission, Reflection
  • Absorption/Emission
  • Roof Safety
  • Roofing Fundamentals
  • Roof Moisture Inspections
  • Common Infrared Patterns
  • Conditions for Roof Inspections

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