Refresher – Level 1-Roof Applications

Online Course—On-Demand
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Are you at conducting successful low-slope roof inspections? Do you have a thorough understanding of the conditions needed for a successful roof inspection? Do you remember the difference in winter/summer inspections, and inside/outside surveys? Have you forgotten the typical patterns associated with specific types of roofs? How is your image quality? This course reviews the proper use of infrared equipment, camera performance specifications, and how to use your infrared equipment to effectively capture high-quality images for further analysis and reporting. Heat transfer theory is covered as well as reviewing moisture-related issues on a wide range of different types of buildings.

This one-day review course summarizes the most important points of your previous learning. This course will reinforce some of the concepts you previously learned for deeper knowledge retention, as well enlighten you to some of the questions you may have from your earlier training, giving you deeper knowledge in these areas. All of this in a one-day on-demand format! This course is designed for all models of thermal imaging equipment.

Course Overview:

•    Introductions
•    Infrared Equipment Specifications
•    Image Quality
•    Camera Functionality Check
•    Heat Theory
•    Safety
•    Roof Moisture Inspections
•    Common IR Patterns
•    Conditions for Roof Inspections
•    Building Moisture

Pre-requisite: Level I Thermographic Applications. Note: This is NOT a full Level 1 or certification.