3-EMTTS–Electric Motor Operational Theory

Electric Motor Testing (EMT)
Online Course—On-Demand

With theory review and motor construction now under our belts, we will explore how motors operate. Staring with a simple AC generator we will learn how a motor develops a magnetic field in the stator and how that causes the rotor to turn. We will also learn how we achieve different RPM ranges for motors. In this topic we will also explore efficiency, motor power factor, and torque. We will also learn why it is important to use a motor of proper design for correct applications.

  • Left-Hand Rule for Generators
  • Rotating Field Armature
  • Three-Phase Alternators
  • AC Motor Theory
  • Left-Hand Rule for Coils
  • 3-Phase Power and Rotating Magnetic Stator Field
  • Understanding Torque and Motor Starting Curves
  • NEMA Design Codes, Applications and Construction