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Infrared for Electrical Inspections - OnlineThis two-day course is designed for the novice infrared thermographer in understanding the requirements for conducting successful electrical inspections. There is no pre-requisite for this class. It is best suited for someone with a basic understanding of electrical apparatus and systems. The course is open to all people—whether or not they currently own a thermal imager. For those that don’t own an imager, you may want to download our White Paper Buying a Camera for Condition Monitoring. For those that already own an infrared camera, this course is ideal for those just starting out conducting electrical inspections, or someone who has already taken formal Level I training and wants a concise review.

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Topics covered include:

  • Introductions
  • Think Thermally®
  • Infrared Equipment
  • Image Quality
  • Camera functionality check
  • Theory
  • Safety
  • Electrical Applications
  • Methodologies for Inpsections

There are several hands-on simulations and exercises built into the training. While owning an infrared camera is not necessarily required to participate, those who wish to complete the class in its entirety should have access to one. Finishing this course prepares students to start successfully applying infrared technology to to inspect a wide range of electrical systems—from high voltage all the way into low voltage—in commercial, industrial and utility settings.

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Please review these following videos to sample our new online course, Infrared for Electrical Inspections - Online.

Equipment Specifications

Theory - Convection

Electrical Applications

Analysis and Reporting