The Snell Group Announces the Reorganization of Snell Infrared - Canada


Snell Infrared InternationalBarre, VT, February 12, 2016: Snell Companies International, Inc., the industry leader in infrared and electric motor testing education, is pleased to announce that they are conducting a reorganization of Snell Infrared—Canada that will enable training courses to be more convenient to Canadian residents. As part of the reorganization The Snell Group will be closing their Toronto (Richmond Hill) training center and transitioning into providing their technical expertise at numerous locations around Canada. “In years past, students came to our facility in Richmond Hill for training. Now, we’re making it easier for students to receive world class training by presenting classes closer to them. We are excited about bringing our knowledge to more areas with new instructors” said Greg McIntosh of Snell Infrared—Canada.

Snell Canada’s two main instructors, Greg McIntosh and Jacques Frate, will continue instructing courses though out Canada in both English and French languages. Along with Greg and Jacques, The Snell Group will also be supplementing additional instructors for Canadian courses, helping Snell to reach more students in more areas than ever before. Snell will also be adding additional course types like Level 1 and 2 Thermal NDT of Materials and bothEnergized and De-Energized Electric Motor Testing.  “This reorganization is part of a greater plan to expand Snell internationally as we’ve already done with our Spanish language courses in South and Latin America and our partnered courses in South Africa,” said Jim Fritz, president and CEO of The Snell Group. “We’re excited about doing more locations throughout the greater Toronto area, as well as meeting the higher demand throughout Canada.”

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