Electric Motor Testing Certification Developed by The Snell Group


Barre, VT, September 20, 2022: The Snell Group is extremely proud to announce the development of Electric Motor Testing Certification. Electric Motor Testing (EMT) has become a preeminent technology for routine monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting of electric motors, motor circuits, and driven equipment. Comprising both energized and de-energized testing, there are multiple instruments and methods with varying capabilities for assessing motors, motor circuits, and equipment. As with most reliability maintenance technologies, Certification is deemed a necessity for Electric Motor Testing.

“The varying capabilities and test methods offered by motor test instrument manufacturers can present obstacles to the standard model of most certifications,” said Jim Fritz, President & CEO of The Snell Group, “it is for that reason we have developed a new method of Certification that overcomes those obstacles”.

“Electric Motor Testing encompasses multiple technologies with various instruments of differing testing methods and capabilities,” explains Don Donofrio, Instructor & Consultant of The Snell Group, “a one-size fits all Certification path will not work effectively”.

Snell has developed a vendor‐neutral Certification Program for EMT, that provides a Certification path regardless of utilized instrumentation or equipment.

There are five diverse certifications.

  1. Electric Motor Testing Technician (EMTT)
  2. Electrical Motor Testing Analyst (EMTA)
  3. Electric Motor Testing Advanced Analyst (EMTAA)
  4. Motor Power Quality Analyst (MPQA)
  5. Electric Motor Reliability Manager (EMRM)

To complete any of the Certifications, applicable training, as well as Practical Factors and knowledge requirements, must be attained/completed. For more information contact the Snell Group. https://www.thesnellgroup.com/contact-us