Buying a Thermal Imager for Condition Monitoring

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On-Demand Webinar

Are you thinking of purchasing an infrared camera in the coming months for your reliability program? Buying a thermal imaging system represents a sizeable investment, whether you are a consultant or company staff member. There are many choices in the market today, many of them excellent. This presentation will help you understand the important factors to consider as you define your real needs, everything from price points to equipment specifications. Cameras continue to evolve, and we see them getting more user-friendly as well. The Snell Group provides objective information on all brands of infrared equipment and is independent of any camera sales.

Who Can Attend?
Anyone with a computer and internet access (broadband recommended to ensure best quality). Your computer system must have speakers or headphones in order to hear the audio.

For groups of four or more, please contact The Snell Group directly to receive a quote on licensing a session.

What is a Webinar?
For those of you who are new to this educational format, a webinar is simply a short online seminar on a particular topic.

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