IR for Building Applications - Part III (Canada)

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Public Course

Prerequisite: Level I

This advanced building specialty applications course, designed for Canadian-based thermographers, will focus on building diagnostics for solving problems related to energy and the troubleshooting needs of all types of buildings and structures. The participants, upon completion of the training, will be able to better utilize imaging equipment to perform qualitative surveys of building enclosures. They will be able to incorporate thermographic inspection into existing building maintenance programs to reduce energy costs, improve occupancy comfort and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Insulation quality control and deficiency identification
  • Methodologies for air infiltration and exfiltration studies
  • Quantitative insulation evaluation including temperature indexing
  • Evaluation of wall systems including curtainwall, rainscreen and masonry
  • Tracer gas evaluations for air circulation studies
  • Special considerations for structures like swimming pools and unheated structures
  • Procedures, methodology, safety and reporting
  • Roof moisture/heat loss surveys
  • Identification of masonry and concrete block problems
  • Ice dams
  • Radiant heaters
  • Thermal comfort evaluations
  • Blower doors and mechanical systems for manipulation of air pressure control