6-EMTTS–Energized Electric Motor Testing & Spectral Analysis

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Electric Motor Testing (EMT)

This topic is a culmination of all the previous topic in this series. Energized motor testing is an expedient method for identifying many electrical and mechanical faults that lead to motor failure. Learn how to safely collect, analyze, and correlate test data to diagnose power supply, motor circuit and motor electrical and mechanical issues, using raw data, time domains and current and voltage signal processing (FFT) data. Learn how many of the differing types of starting circuits work and how to diagnose electrical, mechanical and circuit problems by monitoring motor starting current or in-rush.

  • Starting Circuits and In-Rush
  • Fault Localization Utilizing ESA Fault Localization Utilizing ESA
  • Identification of Rotor Anomalies
  • Current Signature Analysis
  • Electrical Signature Analysis
  • Static Eccentricity
  • Dynamic Eccentricity
  • Rotor Misalignment/Unbalance
  • Rotor Axial Movement
  • Stator Faults
  • Blade Pass Frequencies
  • Belt Frequencies
  • Gear Mesh Frequencies
  • Bearing Frequencies

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