Buying a Thermal Imager for Building Applications

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On-Demand Webinar

This on-demand presentation will discuss all the relevant factors you need to consider in buying the right camera for building applications. Over the past few years there have been considerable breakthroughs in the market for thermal imagers including the fact that prices have dropped considerably. Infrared cameras are also finally being designed with the end user in mind. Advances in technology and materials get a lot of credit for this, but it once seemed that the comfort and sanity of the operator was an afterthought when it came to the camera’s form factor and menu layout. The reality is that today’s imagers are also lighter and easier to use.

Who Can Attend?
Anyone with a computer and internet access (broadband recommended to ensure best quality). Your computer system must have speakers or headphones in order to hear the audio.

For groups of four or more, please contact The Snell Group directly to receive a quote on licensing a session.

What is a Webinar?
For those of you who are new to this educational format, a webinar is simply a short online seminar on a particular topic.

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