Sat Sandhu

Instructor & Consultant

Sat Sandhu has worked in the Infrared business for over 20 years and is passionate about spreading infrared knowledge through all mediums, be it formal training, webinars, presentations, or papers at conferences.

Sat started his career as an Electronic Integrated Circuit Design Engineer where his first design was a readout integrated circuit for a pyroelectric array. This was an early introduction to the world of uncooled infrared detectors. He then moved into the marketing group and joined a specialist optoelectronic components distributor. His prime responsibility was in optoelectronic components design. This was followed by lecturing at Oxford college satisfying his passion for knowledge transfer.

Sandhu then joined Irisys, a start-up company, at the turn of the century. Irisys focused on exploiting two-dimensional infra-red detectors for a variety of applications. The main application areas were thermal imagers in preventative and predictive maintenance and people counters in the retail sector.

Sat worked in the sales and marketing team but with a wide remit as this was a start-up.  He trained the global sales partners on infrared technology, the products and applications and also created the training materials for end-users.

With the acquisition of Irisys by Fluke in 2013, Sat became the Thermography Services Support Manager for the Fluke Corporation. His primary role was to provides application support on all Fluke imaging products. In addition to application support, he conducted seminars, webinars, and training for both internal and end-users worldwide. More recently the thermography business unit has introduced other imaging technologies, both visible and acoustic.

Sat is now excited to join the Snell team to focus exclusively on his passion for spreading his infrared knowledge.