Customer Testimonials

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"Practical & hands-on, an excellent course for those just beginnnig in thermography."
Todd Hale - Sigma Six Solutions , Auburn, WA, United States
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"This was a great course for electrical industry professionals! Cary was a great instructor -- extremely knowledgeable and helpful!"
John C. Pawlowski Jr. - J. Pawlowski & Associates , Southampton, PA, United States
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"Everyone that invests in an infrared camera should attend this course!"
Allen Rathke - Allen Electric, LLC. , Topeka, KS, United States
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"This is a "must have" course for thermographers!"
Mel Mhlanga - Kimberly-Clark , Fullerton, CA, United States
"Excellent course - I would recommend it to others. Don and Jim were very enthusiastic, understandable and related well with all students. "
Kenn Parris , Seneca, SC, United States
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"This electrical specialty course was perfect for the type of IR work I perform. All the images shown were great examples. I also found the discussion on using IR windows and their limitations was important to know. "
Chuck Jensen , Greensboro, NC, United States
"The Snell Group provides training that is widely relevant and immediately useful to my role. I look forward to demonstrating the value of thermography to our maintenance program."
Megan Crum , Research Triangle Park, NC, United States
"Both Matt and Cary had contrasting styles of instruction which provided a nice break. Both used the PowerPoints as a guide and gave great instruction. This course was a great introduction to IR utilization and IR camera usage. "
Ed Shoemaker - Sunstar Engineering America , Springboro, OH, United States
"Well worth the investment - top notch!"
Gerald Dix - York River Electric , Yorktown, PA, United States
"This is one of the best courses I've ever attended! It makes me want to change careers!"
Joseph Hill , Greensboro, NC, United States
"A thoughtfully designed course that met my needs for building inspections and far surpassed my expectations. "
Ken Vance - CVACL , Lynchburg, VA, United States
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"This course was well made with content that will help me with my job! It gave me the knowledge to "wow" my boss!"
Travis Muna - Amazon , Fort Worth, TX, United States
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"All aspects of this course were useful - from the theory to the hands-on work. Don was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions. "
Michael Duncan - Tesoro Corporation , Carson, CA, United States
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"This was a great class and Ron was a great instructor; he kept the class interesting at all times."
Brian Oubre - Tulane University , New Orleans, LA, United States
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"I highly recommend this course! It is very helpful in learning a technology that I will be using to perform motor testing. The most useful parts of the course were to understand the theories to administer successful testing."
Devin Winiecke - Tesoro Corporation , Carson, CA, United States
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"I learned a lot and Matt was very knowledgeable!"
Bob Templeton - SMA , California City, CA, United States
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"This is a great course! I learned more than I thought I was going to during the week. The entire course was extremely enjoyable and the hands-on experience was excellent!"
Krysta Munden - Reese Engineering , State College, PA, United States
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"Interesting topic and subject - glad I took it for my experience and knowledge. Learning how to interpret what we see in the camera was the most interesting. Matt was friendly, knowledgeable, has a sense of humor, and was patient with all attending."
Brent Schumacher , Howell, MI, United States
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"I am 100% glad I came to this course!"
Chris Bellison , Mt. Airy, MD, United States
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"Hands down, The Snell Group is the industry leader in thermography!"
Chris Apsey - Holcim , Ada, OK, United States
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"Excellent course, excellent information! Looking forward to Level II!"
Chris Howe - Michelin North America, Inc. , Ardmore, OK, United States
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"John and Matt worked extremely well together as a team and were very eager to help each and every one of us achieve our goals for the class. I've attended a couple of other courses (not thermography) given by other companies and they didn't even come close to the caliber of this course. I am especially thrilled that the course gave us a textbook that we were allowed to take notes in and keep for our reference. It is full of very pertinent and interesting information. "
Donnie Sawyer - Miljavac Electric Corporation , St. Joseph, MO, United States
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"The instructors (John and Elmer) were very concerned about our success. Learning the different aspects and functions of the IR camera were great. "
Lud Burkle - Southern Nuclear Operating Co. , Columbia, AL, United States
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"From start to finish, I feel that I can use all of the information learned. Wyatt and Ron made the class very enjoyable!"
Tyler Williams - Outokumpu Stainless , Irvington, AL, United States
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"Matt was very knowledgeable and gave a great presentation of the material!"
Dana Day - Preston Link Electric , Gainesville, FL, United States