Customer Testimonials

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"The purpose of my taking the course was to audit and determine if it's content was complete enough for our engineers training in thermal imaging theory and application. It met my expectations.

I feel that the web based course was well organized and presented in approximate 50 segments that included the introduction, topics, quizzes, summary and final exam. The quizzes provided feedback on wrong answers and in general it was easy to stop the sessions and restart where it was left off. The final exam covered what was taught, made certain that concepts were understood. Ideally I was expecting feedback on my wrong answers even though I passed in my audit of the course.

It reminded me of the Level I course I took with Snell almost 14 years ago in that it covered all of the Thermal Imaging basics. At the end of this program were application specific examples that addressed topics we deal with constantly such as moisture intrusion in buildings and flat roof structure. My objective is to supplement this course with additional incident specific topic sessions to complete our in-house level I training.

Just a note, the short mechanical and Electrical application courses were also well presented and great that they are web based."
Karl Koenig , , , United States
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"Practical & hands-on, an excellent course for those just beginnnig in thermography."
Todd Hale - Sigma Six Solutions , Auburn, WA, United States
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"This was a great course for electrical industry professionals! Cary was a great instructor -- extremely knowledgeable and helpful!"
John C. Pawlowski Jr. - J. Pawlowski & Associates , Southampton, PA, United States
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"Everyone that invests in an infrared camera should attend this course!"
Allen Rathke - Allen Electric, LLC. , Topeka, KS, United States
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"This is a "must have" course for thermographers!"
Mel Mhlanga - Kimberly-Clark , Fullerton, CA, United States
"Excellent course - I would recommend it to others. Don and Jim were very enthusiastic, understandable and related well with all students. "
Kenn Parris , Seneca, SC, United States
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"This electrical specialty course was perfect for the type of IR work I perform. All the images shown were great examples. I also found the discussion on using IR windows and their limitations was important to know. "
Chuck Jensen , Greensboro, NC, United States
"The Snell Group provides training that is widely relevant and immediately useful to my role. I look forward to demonstrating the value of thermography to our maintenance program."
Megan Crum , Research Triangle Park, NC, United States
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"Both Matt and Cary had contrasting styles of instruction which provided a nice break. Both used the PowerPoints as a guide and gave great instruction. This course was a great introduction to IR utilization and IR camera usage. "
Ed Shoemaker - Sunstar Engineering America , Springboro, OH, United States
"Well worth the investment - top notch!"
Gerald Dix - York River Electric , Yorktown, PA, United States
"This is one of the best courses I've ever attended! It makes me want to change careers!"
Joseph Hill , Greensboro, NC, United States
"A thoughtfully designed course that met my needs for building inspections and far surpassed my expectations. "
Ken Vance - CVACL , Lynchburg, VA, United States
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"This course was well made with content that will help me with my job! It gave me the knowledge to "wow" my boss!"
Travis Muna - Amazon , Fort Worth, TX, United States
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"All aspects of this course were useful - from the theory to the hands-on work. Don was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions. "
Michael Duncan - Tesoro Corporation , Carson, CA, United States
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"This was a great class and Ron was a great instructor; he kept the class interesting at all times."
Brian Oubre - Tulane University , New Orleans, LA, United States
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"I highly recommend this course! It is very helpful in learning a technology that I will be using to perform motor testing. The most useful parts of the course were to understand the theories to administer successful testing."
Devin Winiecke - Tesoro Corporation , Carson, CA, United States
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"I learned a lot and Matt was very knowledgeable!"
Bob Templeton - SMA , California City, CA, United States
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"This is a great course! I learned more than I thought I was going to during the week. The entire course was extremely enjoyable and the hands-on experience was excellent!"
Krysta Munden - Reese Engineering , State College, PA, United States
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"Interesting topic and subject - glad I took it for my experience and knowledge. Learning how to interpret what we see in the camera was the most interesting. Matt was friendly, knowledgeable, has a sense of humor, and was patient with all attending."
Brent Schumacher , Howell, MI, United States
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"I am 100% glad I came to this course!"
Chris Bellison , Mt. Airy, MD, United States
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"Hands down, The Snell Group is the industry leader in thermography!"
Chris Apsey - Holcim , Ada, OK, United States
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"Excellent course, excellent information! Looking forward to Level II!"
Chris Howe - Michelin North America, Inc. , Ardmore, OK, United States
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"John and Matt worked extremely well together as a team and were very eager to help each and every one of us achieve our goals for the class. I've attended a couple of other courses (not thermography) given by other companies and they didn't even come close to the caliber of this course. I am especially thrilled that the course gave us a textbook that we were allowed to take notes in and keep for our reference. It is full of very pertinent and interesting information. "
Donnie Sawyer - Miljavac Electric Corporation , St. Joseph, MO, United States
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"The instructors (John and Elmer) were very concerned about our success. Learning the different aspects and functions of the IR camera were great. "
Lud Burkle - Southern Nuclear Operating Co. , Columbia, AL, United States
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"From start to finish, I feel that I can use all of the information learned. Wyatt and Ron made the class very enjoyable!"
Tyler Williams - Outokumpu Stainless , Irvington, AL, United States