Customer Testimonials

"Este curso fue muy interesante. Aprendí sobre muchas aplicaciones en mi área de trabajo que no conocía. Me es muy útil el entrenamiento del uso de la cámara infrarroja y el tema de aplicaciones mecánicas."
Byron Rodriguez - Montana Exploradora , San Marcos, , Guatemala
"Excelente curso que va a ayudarme mucho en mi campo de trabajo! Buena teoría del uso del equipo, mediciones y fundamentos."
José Pérez Ventura - Claro Guatemala , Guatemala City, , Guatemala
"Este curso es aplicable en el campo en diferentes áreas, específicamente puedo mencionar eléctrica y mecánica. Ron y Jacob poseen mucho conocimientos lo que facilita la resolución de preguntas."
Carlos Enrique López - Ingenio Pantaleon, S.A. , Escuintla, , Guatemala
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"I enjoyed the entire course. I learned a great deal and I’m ready to go out and use what I have learned. Dave was a knowledgeable instructor, kept my focus and was humorous – good job!"
Lonnie Shaw , Port Wentworth, GA, United States
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"Dave was a very entertaining and knowledgeable instructor. The whole course was informational and the hands on practice with infrared cameras was great. I wouldn’t change a thing."
Rachelle Green - Alabama Power , Bucks, AL, United States
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"Dave is very knowledgeable and is able to explain infrared theory and material well."
Jarvis Davis - Alabama Power (Barry Steam Plant) , Bucks, AL, United States
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"This course was very helpful! I really liked Van and Jacob – they helped me to get a lot out of the course."
Marco Williams - United Power Services Inc. , Nashville, TN, United States
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"Very good course for anyone who will be working with infrared. If you haven’t been to training with The Snell Group, you should be."
Joe Walker , Charlotte, NC, United States
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"Van and Don did an excellent job and worked to keep everyone involved. Most excellent course I’ve taken."
Kenneth Bryan , York, SC, United States
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"Both Don and Van were knowledgeable and able to keep my attention. This course was much more than I expected!"
Keith Smith , Lititz, PA, United States
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"This course was well worth the time and money. Don and Van were very knowledgeable, professional, and informative."
Mike Lee - Public Works , Gastonia, NC, United States
"Very good course I would recommend it thoroughly to anybody using an infrared camera. I found the hands on exercises very helpful."
Chris Schaefer - Enbridge , Burlington, ND, United States
"Excellent course! It takes you from having zero knowledge to well-versed in no time. The whole course was great but the one-on-one hands-on training with my particular camera was very helpful."
Pete Marquart , Minot, ND, United States
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"Everything about this course will help me do my job more effectively."
Timmy Rush , Washington, WV, United States
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"This course is just the right mix of theory and practical, hands-on application. Ron spoke clearly, engaged the group and was very knowledgeable."
Sue Acker , Two Harbors, MN, United States
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"Level I Thermographic Applications is a really good course and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about thermography. Van had a great personality and kept my interest and the class flowing. The hands-on projects and learning how to use my infrared camera were the most useful parts of the class."
Rusty Calliton - Oneok Hydrocarbon LP , Medford, OK, United States
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"Anyone who wants to learn about infrared thermograpy must attend this class! Thank you Van, you made the class very fun."
Armando Godoy - Soluciones Termograficas , Gaithersburg, MD, United States
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"This course was very informational. I would recommend to anyone who wants to gain infrared knowledge in many different industrial fields."
Justin Montoya - Providence LCMMC San Pedro , San Pedro, CA, United States
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"I highly recommend Level I Thermographic Applications to anyone! Van kept the course funny and interesting, he’s a good instructor."
Dave Bricker - Energy Driven Solutions, Inc. , La Quinta, CA, United States
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"This course is a must-have prior to operating or purchasing an infrared camera. The hands-on practice, practical, and theory portions of the course was the most useful part of the course. Van made the class seem to move along quickly – the teaching was great. I’d say this was the best class by instructor that I’ve taken in a long time."
Ben Ervin - Ameren Missouri , House Springs, MO, United States
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"This course was outstanding."
John Q Public - ABC , Barre, VT, United States