Customer Testimonials

"Excelente curso que va a ayudarme mucho en mi campo de trabajo! Buena teoría del uso del equipo, mediciones y fundamentos."
José Pérez Ventura - Claro Guatemala , Guatemala City, , Guatemala
"Este curso es aplicable en el campo en diferentes áreas, específicamente puedo mencionar eléctrica y mecánica. Ron y Jacob poseen mucho conocimientos lo que facilita la resolución de preguntas."
Carlos Enrique López - Ingenio Pantaleon, S.A. , Escuintla, , Guatemala
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"I enjoyed the entire course. I learned a great deal and I’m ready to go out and use what I have learned. Dave was a knowledgeable instructor, kept my focus and was humorous – good job!"
Lonnie Shaw , Port Wentworth, GA, United States
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"Dave was a very entertaining and knowledgeable instructor. The whole course was informational and the hands on practice with infrared cameras was great. I wouldn’t change a thing."
Rachelle Green - Alabama Power , Bucks, AL, United States
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"Dave is very knowledgeable and is able to explain infrared theory and material well."
Jarvis Davis - Alabama Power (Barry Steam Plant) , Bucks, AL, United States
"This course was very helpful! I really liked Van and Jacob – they helped me to get a lot out of the course."
Marco Williams - United Power Services Inc. , Nashville, TN, United States
"Very good course for anyone who will be working with infrared. If you haven’t been to training with The Snell Group, you should be."
Joe Walker , Charlotte, NC, United States
"Van and Don did an excellent job and worked to keep everyone involved. Most excellent course I’ve taken."
Kenneth Bryan , York, SC, United States
"Both Don and Van were knowledgeable and able to keep my attention. This course was much more than I expected!"
Keith Smith , Lititz, PA, United States
"This course was well worth the time and money. Don and Van were very knowledgeable, professional, and informative."
Mike Lee - Public Works , Gastonia, NC, United States
"Very good course I would recommend it thoroughly to anybody using an infrared camera. I found the hands on exercises very helpful."
Chris Schaefer - Enbridge , Burlington, ND, United States
"Excellent course! It takes you from having zero knowledge to well-versed in no time. The whole course was great but the one-on-one hands-on training with my particular camera was very helpful."
Pete Marquart , Minot, ND, United States
"Everything about this course will help me do my job more effectively."
Timmy Rush , Washington, WV, United States
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"This course is just the right mix of theory and practical, hands-on application. Ron spoke clearly, engaged the group and was very knowledgeable."
Sue Acker , Two Harbors, MN, United States
"Level I Thermographic Applications is a really good course and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about thermography. Van had a great personality and kept my interest and the class flowing. The hands-on projects and learning how to use my infrared camera were the most useful parts of the class."
Rusty Calliton - Oneok Hydrocarbon LP , Medford, OK, United States
"Anyone who wants to learn about infrared thermograpy must attend this class! Thank you Van, you made the class very fun."
Armando Godoy - Soluciones Termograficas , Gaithersburg, MD, United States
"This course was very informational. I would recommend to anyone who wants to gain infrared knowledge in many different industrial fields."
Justin Montoya - Providence LCMMC San Pedro , San Pedro, CA, United States
"I highly recommend Level I Thermographic Applications to anyone! Van kept the course funny and interesting, he’s a good instructor."
Dave Bricker - Energy Driven Solutions, Inc. , La Quinta, CA, United States
"This course is a must-have prior to operating or purchasing an infrared camera. The hands-on practice, practical, and theory portions of the course was the most useful part of the course. Van made the class seem to move along quickly – the teaching was great. I’d say this was the best class by instructor that I’ve taken in a long time."
Ben Ervin - Ameren Missouri , House Springs, MO, United States