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The Snell Group’s mission is to help you leverage Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electric Motor Testing (EMT).

Whether your interest is condition monitoring, building applications, roof inspections, nondestructive testing, research and development, or becoming a technology service provider. 

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Our qualified team of experts will help you at every stage of using these technologies…

  • If you need an assessment to determine whether IR and/or EMT will benefit your predictive maintenance objectives.
  • If you are ready to establish an IR and/or EMT condition monitoring program.
  • If you have an existing program that needs to be optimized and improved.
  • If your technicians would benefit from additional training and mentoring.
  • If it is more economical for you to outsource this critical business function.
  • If you need certification testing that is compliant with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) or according to The Snell Certification Standard.
  • If you want to stay current with developments in theory and best practices

We offer comprehensive solutions including audit and assessment, training, certification, inspections, consulting, mentoring, and information; we can meet any need regarding infrared thermography and electric motor testing. The Snell Group also conducts world-wide training, click here to view our locations.