Cambiando del mantenimiento industrial reactivo al predictivo


Si realizamos una búsqueda rápida en internet acerca de ‘Mantenimiento Centrado en la Confiabilidad’ podríamos encontrar cientos de links con información, o aun compañías que aplican muchas diferentes tecnologías de monitoreo de la condición de los equipos. Aun cuando este es un tema de actualidad para muchas compañías, podrían existir empresas o plantas que practican la vieja escuela de mantenimiento donde típicamente se realizaba una sola inspección anual a algunos de sus equipos, usualmente eléctricos, sin un programa claro de mantenimiento.

The Snell Group Presents Webinar Wednesday

Barre, VT, January 12, 2022: The Snell Group, is pleased to announce their new Webinar Wednesday program. The Snell Group will present one free webinar each Wednesday morning on training in IR and EMT technologies. “Our goal is sharing the techniques necessary to gain the greatest benefits from thermal imaging. By spreading knowledge with online learning, you quickly grasp important concepts, camera operation, and inspection techniques that will allow you to deliver high-quality infrared inspections to your customers” said Jim Fritz, President, and CEO of The Snell Group.

Learn to Use the Term "Appears to be" when Referring to Thermal Images


One of the first sayings I heard when I began using thermal imagers 28 years ago was "all heat loss from windows disappears above the third floor." Somewhere around the same time, after having looked at many windows, I quickly learned to use the term "appears to be" when referring to thermal images, especially those taken of buildings. It quickly became very clear why "appears to be" is an important saying that is appropriate for use by the thermographer.

Maybe, it’s Just the Battery

IR Talk

If you were asked as a thermographer to try and identify the weakest link to be found with the variety of modern (i.e., reliable & feature-rich) thermal imaging systems available in the marketplace, many of you might be resigned to just saying it is the battery.  Pretty much any new camera out there does everything you need and then some.  Even battery life is now typically outstanding, lasting upwards of 4+ hours for many models.