Electrical Applications

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Prerequisite: Level I - Thermographic Applications

The Electrical Applications specialty course is designed to give practicing thermographers an in-depth understanding of applied thermography focused specifically on inspecting electrical systems and related equipment.

The class covers the inspection of electrical equipment from the utility substations right down through to low-voltage equipment. Review of case studies, interpretation of thermal images and root-cause failure discussions all form the basis of this course.

Course Overview:

  • Transmission and distribution systems
  • Exterior substations and components
  • Transformers, circuit breakers, and bus work
  • Motor control centers, panels, and components
  • Motors, generators, batteries, and power supplies
  • DC systems and circuits
  • Inspection parameters, procedures, and electrical safety
  • Reporting, severity assessment, and prioritization
  • Infrared inspection windows/viewports
  • Using ultrasonics, EMT and other technologies
  • Adding high-emissivity targets
Attendees learn inspection techniques based on accepted industry and international inspection procedures.

Upcoming Schedule

Electrical Applications
Apr 24, 2017 to Apr 25, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri - US
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Electrical Applications
Jun 12, 2017 to Jun 13, 2017
Toronto, Ontario - CA
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Electrical Applications
Oct 16, 2017 to Oct 17, 2017
Charlotte, North Carolina - US
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