Connecting the Infrared and Electric Motor Testing Communities


Welcome to the Snell Community!

We hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for within the Snell Community – regardless if you’re interested in infrared thermography or electric motor testing. We decided to bring the two technologies together under the same roof of the Snell Community, making it easy to access our IRTalk and MotorTalk message boards, announcements, and much, much more.

The purpose of the Snell Community is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for professionals to learn, share, converse, and collaborate. Within the Snell Community you can sit back and browse the blogs, or participate in a lively conversation within the IRTalk or MotorTalk forums. New to the Snell Community is the ability to add new friends, follow threads, message or follow other members, tag your posts, and browse the group’s activity.

Again, thank you for joining – we look forward to your participation! If you have any questions or suggestions you may message Deanna Kaiser, our Community Manager.

The Snell Community – our Knowledge, Your Advantage.

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