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Join The Snell Group at RESNET 2014

January 13, 2014

Contact: Jim Fritz 

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Press Release

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The Snell Group to Present Breakout Session at RESNET 2014

Barre, VT, January 13, 2014: The Snell Group Chosen to Present Breakout Session at RESNET 2014

The Snell Group will be presenting a conference breakout session at the 2014 RESNET Building Performance Conference, February 24-26 in Atlanta, Georgia. RESNET 2014 will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. Please join The Snell Group and Ron Conner on Wednesday, February 26 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in George Room 2 for the session, Pushing the Limits of Thermal Imaging - Unique Challenges That Thermographers Face.

Session Description:

There is no question that infrared thermography is a valuable tool which helps energy auditors and home performance professionals better evaluate the thermal performance of residential buildings.  From examining the effectiveness of insulation to locating air leakage bypasses, this technology allows individuals to work more intelligently and efficiently.    

Key to this success is understanding the entire building system and environmental conditions that one encounters during an infrared inspection.  Differences in construction materials, varying weather conditions, and limitations of the technology can all make inspecting buildings with IR a challenging endeavor.

While this presentation will address instances where thermal imaging is used successfully, it will focus more on showcasing numerous examples of where thermography did not yield desirable results due to difficult conditions or situations that limited the technology’s effectiveness.  These limitations will be explained and outlined so that attendees will learn how to recognize, and work with, these circumstances. Best inspection practices and techniques will be covered so that participants can learn to better evaluate data captured in challenging situations.    

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to understand how IR is successfully applied to residential building envelope inspections.
  • Learn about challenging conditions and situations that thermographers encounter where thermal imaging is difficult to use.
  • Participants will discover ways to better approach these situations and get the most out of their camera.

Please consider joining us for the breakout session, followed by a question and answer session, hosted by The Snell Group and presented by Ron Conner. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta for RESNET 2014!


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