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Vote Now for The Snell Group's 2014 RESNET Sessions

July 29, 2013

Every year, RESNET seeks session proposals from building performance professionals who would like to attend and present at the conference. This year, the 2014 RESNET conference will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta hotel, in Atlanta, GA, from February 24-26.  Interested parties can vote for sessions that they'd like ot see at the conference. This year, The Snell Group has submitted a session for the Building Science category and two sessions for the Technical Category.

Those who are interested in seeing one (or all!) of our presentations, listed below, at RESNET 2014 may cast their vote by clicking the “Vote Now” link after each session description. You may vote for as many sessions as you like per category.

Building Science

(BS-18) Features and Specifications of Thermal Imagers Explained

There have been considerable breakthroughs in the market for infrared cameras during the last few years. Prices

continue to drop while image quality continues to improve. It is no wonder that infrared thermography is one of the hottest tools for building diagnostics.

This session will cover which camera features and specifications are important to consider when purchasing a thermal imager and which ones are not. Attendees will learn how to cut through the marketing and advertising clutter to find the right information to make a purchase decision. Advice on how to buy an infrared system including performing a needs analysis, handling the sales process and budgeting for the appropriate equipment and accessories will also be presented.

The Snell Group is a vendor-neutral infrared training provider that does not manufacture or sell equipment. As such attendees of this session will receive an un-biased perspective on picking the right thermal imaging system for their needs.

Learning Objectives:

► Receive an overview of the latest infrared cameras and pricing available in the market

► Learn which equipment specifications are important to consider when purchasing a thermal imager for building applications.

► Gain insight on how to perform a needs analysis as well as how to best approach the sales process

Suggested Presenter(s) - Matt Schwoegler, The Snell Group


(TEC-10) Pushing the Limits of Thermal Imaging - Unique Challenges That Thermographers Face

There is no question that infrared thermography is a valuable tool which helps energy auditors and home performance professionals better evaluate the thermal performance of residential buildings. From examining the effectiveness of insulation to locating air leakage bypasses, this technology allows individuals to work more intelligently and efficiently.

Key to this success, however, is understanding the entire building system and environmental conditions that one encounters during an infrared inspection. Differences in construction materials, varying weather conditions, and limitations of the technology can all make inspecting buildings with IR a challenging endeavor.

While this presentation will address instances where thermal imaging is used successfully, it will focus more on showcasing numerous examples of where thermography did not yield desirable results due to difficult conditions or situations that limited the technology’s effectiveness. These limitations will be explained and outlined so that attendees will learn how to recognize, and work with, these circumstances. Best inspection practices and techniques will be covered so that participants can learn to better evaluate data captured in challenging situations.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, participants will be able to understand how IR is successfully applied to residential building envelope inspections.

► Learn about challenging conditions and situations that thermographers encounter where thermal imaging is difficult to use.

► Participants will discover ways to better approach these situations and get the most out of their camera.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Matt Schwoegler, The Snell Group

(TEC-14) What is Your IR IQ? Test Your IR Knowledge for Building Applications!

Thermal imagers today are certainly easy to use and are as affordable as ever. Even so, operators still need to be qualified to utilize them properly. That includes having the right training, testing and experience. Unfortunately, as the price of cameras has dropped considerably, some are calling into question whether infrared training is even necessary or can be justified.

Think of it this way…anyone can buy a framing hammer. They too are cheap and easy to operate, but it takes a skilled carpenter to know how to use one correctly. Being successful with infrared technology requires not only great camera skills, but also an in-depth understanding of heat transfer, radiation physics, inspection conditions and building science. As such, infrared for weatherization is arguably one of the most challenging applications in thermal imaging. The thermographer must understand what they are seeing—and in many situations not seeing—with their camera. To put it simply, one must be qualified to use this technology successfully.

So what should a qualified thermographer know? What concepts should they understand? What skills should they

have? Come find out and join us for this fun, interactive, presentation experience where you can learn your IR IQ and test your knowledge of infrared for building applications.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Matt Schwoegler, The Snell Group