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Upcoming Live Webinars, Think Thermally!

Check back for live, upcoming webcasts. 


System Requirements for Viewing Webcast

Important: Before registering for this electric motor testing conference, please view this system requirements document for more information including a link to test your system's compatibility with the webcast software platform. Audio will be delivered via your computer's speakers (Integrated VoIP). There is no telephone-based audio feed available for this meeting.

About Thermal Solutions® 

Thermal Solutions® makes it possible for thermographers to come together and learn, discover and explore the wonderful world of infrared thermography. If you are interested in saving money, increasing uptime, reducing risk and improving safety, you should attend this infrared thermography conference. This conference will enable you to get and understand the best practices and learn from experienced leaders in the industry.

The Snell Infrared thermography conferences and the condition monitoring track are dedicated to professionals who use thermography for reliability maintenance who are in charge of maintaining things like electrical transmission/distribution systems, motor control centers, motors/bearings, hydraulics/pumps, steam traps/lines, process monitoring. Some of the professionals who should attend a Snell infrared thermography conference are:

Recommended for:

• Reliability engineers

• Electrical/Mechanical contractors

• Electrical/Mechanical engineers

• Maintenance technicians

• Program managers

• Maintenance Supervisors

• Plant managers

• Service Providers

Past Thermal Solutions Webcast Events

Our most recent  IR thermography conference, a combined three-day Thermal Solutions and Motor Solutions Webinar conference in June. 2011, was a great success. The conference offered participants the unique opportunity to learn and explore in our online conference forum.  A cast of highly-qualified experts in the field of infrared and electric motor testing presented the IR thermography conferences. The presenters, Don Donofrio, Roy Huff,  Matt Schwoegler, Dave Sirmans, Don Thurmond, and Harold Van de Ven each presented during the three-day event. The IR conference was highlighted by an open question and answer session between each panel which allowed attendees to ask questions.

For more information on the Thermal Solutions and Motor Solutions IR Conferences please click here.